My name is Brittni Knop aka Britt. By day I am a Graphic designer and Front-End Web Web Developer based in San Diego, CA. By night I enjoy cooking Thai food, reading books, keeping up on those current affairs and you can almost always find me on Instagram: Hiking, exploring some new and old places, or gushing about my pups. I consider myself to be of positive mind, a self starting go getter with a sense of humor. 

I don't believe any knowledge however it was discovered is a waste if you want to be great, SO, that's why staying current in my industry is, and always will be a priority. I don't know it all but I aim to; I'm naturally curious, a problem solver, tension defuser and a sponge for knowledge. I believe in what I do and I believe that great design has impact in the world and in your business.

Thanks for stopping by!