What is your process like?
Step 1-3; I like to start with a consultation and a series of business focused questions, conceptualizing and perfecting phase, deliverables phase. In web design there are a few more steps. Wire framing, mockups, testing, revisions and going live.

How did you get started at a web designer?
My introduction with html and css was in 2006 during the Myspace era. What happened was I wanted to personalize my own page and wanted to know how it was done. I learned how to view source code, then read books and started taking notes to apply to my layouts. Quickly learning the ropes and loving the process.

Do you consider yourself more a designer or a coder? 
My background first begins with art, being self taught that is. I always had a real love for creating, painting, sketching and photographing people and things I loved. I found the correlation between Graphic Design and Web design one in the same. I think you must first learn the principles of design before being able to produce a well received web presence. I consider myself both but I'm far more of a nerd. 

What was your takeaway from college?
I absolutely loved college but I realized quickly how much I really didn't know and how big a role (UI/UX) played in the conceptualization of anything design related. I knew whatever background or knowledge I had, paled in comparison to what I would be learning. Upon graduation my passion became a career and I can't imagine not doing it. I learned a lot, not only about my industry but about myself and my long term goals. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself continuing my education perhaps online and learning more backend languages like Ruby, Git, etc. Ultimately I'm aspiring to join a great team of people, Investing in a company that invests in me and see's my skills as an asset. Additionally  I have a big interest in learning, always, it may just be my curiosity but I feel at my best when I'm working through something I don't understand fully. I feel a great sense of pride in sharing my experience and knowledge with others.